The Book Block

The Book Block

Industrial Bookbinding Techniques

Author: Rúben R Dias

The Book Block is a manual of industrial binding techniques, the first in the Making a Book collection, which focuses on manuals for graphic book production. With the aim of elevating knowledge about graphic production among designers—helping them to produce better books and communicate more effectively with all those involved in the process—The Book Block brings together the 17 most common industrial binding techniques in 6 categories, exploring each one in detail, describing them, and showing what is possible to do in this day and age.

Conceived from scratch to be bilingual, in Portuguese and English, the book seeks to systematize Portuguese terminology in the printing industry, while providing the same information in the lingua franca of today’s global market: English. In an international context, with customers, employees, and producers sprinkled throughout the world, this book provides the perfect tool for an effective communication. Developed by experienced book designers and bookbinders—Itemzero and Maiadouro—this book is a summary of decades of know-how, now easily made available.

Due to recent high demand, the first edition is already out of stock. A new revised reprint will be available in early August. In order to ensure your copy at its current price, reserve your book now.

The Book Block

Title: The Book Block / O Miolo do Livro
Subtitle: Insustrial Bookbinding Techniques / Técnicas de Encadernação Industrial
Design and Infographics: Itemzero (Rúben Dias, Fábio Martins, Ricardo Dantas)

Prepress, Printing and Finishing: Gráfica Maiadouro
Language: Portuguese and English (Bilingual)
Authors: Rúben R. Dias, Rui Oliveira, Fábio Duarte Martins, Ricardo Philippe Dantas
Publishers and Editors: Itemzero + Maiadouro
Publishing house: Itemzero

Typeface: Uivo by Scannerlicker
Release: December/2019
Volume: 144 pages
Format: 11 × 27 cm

ISBN: 978-989-330088-6

Retail price: € 17.90

The Book Block

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