The New Era Magazine

The New Era Magazine

A Scandinavian Magazine on Interiors

Author: Franzi Haeussner

Today we would like to present you to the Swedish magazine The New Era. The New Era Magazine is a beautifully crafted print publication focusing on Scandinavian interiors, design, art, and craft.

With their base and area of expertise firmly in Scandinavia, they meet architects, interior designers, urban farmers, artists, and craftspeople who contribute to the visual and material culture. They invite their readers to the most inspiring homes and spaces in the Nordics, while at the same time discussing topics relating to their homes and how to live in this moment of time.

The New Era Magazine is a quarterly magazine published four times a year. Printed in Stockholm, Sweden, on climate friendly paper produced from totally chlorine free pulp. Lessebo paper is the first paper producer to achieve Cradle to cradle Gold Award.

The digital platform offers short regular updates on interiors, design, art, and craft from Scandinavia.

Three issues have been published so far. In issue three The New Era Magazine investigates a world brimming with possibilities. They visit the enchanting studio of acclaimed artist Eva Lange, and travel to an island where a house has been built in the midst of a forgotten fairy-tale garden. The design icon Pia Wallen takes you on an exclusive tour of her home and architect Thomas Sandell invites to his seaside home that measures just 13 square meters. “It’s a professional challenge to fit in as much as possible on a small scale,” he admits. “But you don’t have to live in a huge space to thrive.” Elsewhere in the issue, they look at the tendencies shaping our future–from breaking away from the homogenization of social media to the mass exodus from cities. “Designing is about understanding a situation,” says architect Pernilla Wåhlin Norén on their visit to her home built entirely of pine. “It’s about things like fresh air, sunlight, atmosphere, and purpose–not about choosing products.”

The New Era Magazine—ISSUE 03

Publisher: Ted Publishing AB
Language: English

Format: 224 × 297 mm
Volume: 216 pages
Paper: Lessebo Paper
Printing: Taberg Media Group, Stockholm
Price: £ 14.–

The New Era Magazine

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