The Open End – Creativity Festival 2019

Author: Julia Kahl

The Open End Kreativfestival creativity festival is a creative gathering organized by the End Collective in collaboration with Rotondes. The Open End will be held in the impressive Rotondes Cultural Center, a one-of-a-kind venue in the heart of Luxembourg City. Featuring an array of local and international talents, ranging from graphic design, motion design to illustration. A 1-day experience celebrating creativity with free entry!

This year, you will have the opportunity to visit an art exhibition, listen to live music, enjoy food and drinks, and much more.

Julia Kahl, Slanted Publishers / Slanted Blog Magazine (DE) | publishing and media house, magazine
Musketon and friends (BE) | illustration, visual art
FOREAL (DE) | art direction, animation, illustration
Skill Lab (LU) | motion design, film, photography
Michel Welfringer (LU/BE) | graphic and editorial design, typography
Lynn Harles (LU/DE) | transdisciplinary design, research

Exhibition with works by
Yliana Paolini, Kaiwa, Vincent Genco-Russo, Patrick Hallé, Jo Malano, Laurent Schmit, Martine Pinnel, Jeff Poitiers, Alain Welter, Mik Muhlen, Julie Wagener, Al Reinert, Kodji, Giamba, Lynn Theisen, Oh Mamie, Mike Z, Gianmarco, George Heartwork, Kousca, Anne Mélan, Henri Schoetter, Lionel Demarville, Dan Sinnes, Foreal, Hideyuki Katsumata, Alexander Peifer, Steffi Zepp, Annick Kieffer, Christophe Peiffer, Rick Tonizzo

Schedule and details coming soon
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