Troublemakers Class of 2020

Remote workshop for design research

Author: Madeleine Morley

The Troublemakers Class of 2020 is a remote workshop for design research and writing, and a support network for the killjoys, underdogs, outcasts, misfits, rebels, and downright troublemakers asking difficult questions on design campuses worldwide.

Ours is a para-academic environment to nurture and hone ongoing research; a safer space for those yearning to find others who they can share, learn, and grow with. The Troublemakers reject the idea that design is an all-powerful, problem-solving discipline, understanding that design itself is complicit with multiple systems of oppression that reinforce structural inequalities. They believe that design research is more than just a step in producing products and services—it’s a worthwhile endeavor in and of itself. Together, the Troublemakers tap into the power of research and journalistic storytelling in order to surface the oppressive complexities that shape our lived realities.

Each Troublemaker brings their ongoing research to the workshop. By the end of the workshop, you’ll have produced one final article relating to your research topic, which will be edited and published on the online design magazine Futuress.

Troublemakers Class of 2020

Application deadline: September 18th, 2020
Workshop runs: October 2nd, 2020, to January 24th, 2021
Basic price: 120.– Euro
(3 × 40.– Euro, for students, recent graduates, and starting-out professionals)
Solidarity price: 240.– Euro
(3 × 80.– Euro if your institution / employer is paying, or you can and want to pay it forward)
Reduced price: 0–75.– Euro
(If you are accepted to the workshop but cannot afford to pay the basic price, we will reduce the price or waive the fee completely depending on your situation)
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