Type Fashion

Call for Submissions: TYPE FASHION

Slanted Magazine #44

Author: Juliane Noest

We’re very excited to announce our new Call for Submissions: our next Slanted Magazine #44 will be dedicated to the topic of TYPE FASHION!

Slanted Magazine #44—TYPE FASHION explores the intersection of typography and fashion. We’re seeking submissions that push the boundaries of conventional design, embracing cutting-edge typography as a dynamic canvas for fashion expression.

Calling all creatives! Whether you’re a graphic designer, illustrator, artist, journalist, author, or poet, share your unique perspective with us. Show us your art, conceptual works, bold messages, and unconventional ideas challenging the fashion industry’s status quo. Accompany your submission with a statement reflecting your creative process and vision.
If you’re a wordsmith, captivate us with thought-provoking text contributions. Reach out via email ([email protected]) to discuss your submission further. Our Avantgarde layout promises a radical 2-color-printed canvas with sharp embellishments, amplifying your work’s visual impact. Join us as we unravel the possibilities of typography in fashion. Thank you for your submissions—let’s redefine the boundaries of TYPE FASHION together!

Submission Deadline: Sunday, April 28th, 2024
Type Fashion