Typeface of the Month: Arkit


Author: Slanted editors

This Sans Serif gives you both: a geometric, working horse that fits in any point size and becomes a special and playful companion for display applications in the thicker cuts.

Arkit is a “constructivist” sans but beneath its geometric appearance lurk humanist undertones and an organic essence that can be felt rather than seen—as for instance in the slightly tapered strokes. Arkit has a big x-height and is suitable for signage and many display applications. It also performs well as a book face, in body copy, captions and with texts at small sizes too. The complete family features ten styles from the extremely light Hairline to the extremely heavy Bomb.


Foundry: CAST
Designer: Erasmo Ciufo
Release: December 2019
Format: OTF, TTF, Webfont (Variable Font will follow within 2020)
Weights: Hairline, Thin, Light, Regular, Medium, SemiBold, Bold, ExtraBold, Heavy, Bomb
Price: single weight 40.– € / family 320.– €
Purchase Arkit at Myfonts, Fontstand and c-a-s-t.com

CAST-Arkit_font-of-the-month06 CAST-Arkit_font-of-the-month05 CAST-Arkit_font-of-the-month04 CAST-Arkit_font-of-the-month03 CAST-Arkit_font-of-the-month02