Typeface of the Month: Routine

By Blaze Type

Author: Juliane Noest

Come take a look at out latest Typeface of the Month: Routine.

Routine is a friendly and playful Sans. With soft edges, joints, and curves, Routine blends seamlessly into a page. Routine is an original take on Sans Serifs found in French newspapers from the late 19th century. These Sans come in a range of styles—grabbing the readers attention with its inky, charming features. These characteristics are conveyed into Routines contemporary and versatile design, encapsulating the broad range of styles from that period.

Routine comes in 30 different styles across weight, width, and slant. Containing a wide variety of glyphs, supporting Extended Latin, Cyrillic and Greek, stylistic sets, and a handful of illustrations, Routine has something for everyone.

But this isn’t a one off typeface. As the name suggests, Routine is intended for everyday use. Conservative with its weights and widths this typeface has a legible and eye-catching design that is pared-down enough to work well at small sizes but contains enough character to stand out on a page at larger sizes.

From newspapers, magazines and posters to websites, animations and packaging, Routine radiates a sense of fun, warmth and charisma that will enrich any design.

Typeface of the Month: Routine

Foundry: Blaze Type
Designer: Blaze Type
Release: 2023
File Formats: OTF, TTF, WOFF, WOFF2
Styles: Display & Text,
Widths: Condensed, Normal, Extended
Weights: Thin Condensed, Thin Condensed Italic, ExtraLight Condensed, ExtraLight Condensed Italic, Regular Condensed, Regular Condensed Italic, Medium Condensed, Medium Condensed Italic, Bold Condensed, Bold Condensed Italic, Thin, Thin Italic, ExtraLight, ExtraLight Italic, Regular, Regular Italic, Medium, Medium Italic, Bold, Bold Italic, Thin Extended, Thin Extended Italic, ExtraLight Extended, ExtraLight Extended Italic, Regular Extended, Regular Extended Italic, Medium Extended, Medium Extended Italic, Bold Extended, Bold Extended Italic
Price: per style starting at 40€, family starting at 400€




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