Decentralized Graduation Exhibition in Shop Windows

Author: Theo Steiner

This year’s Werkschau of graduates in Communication Design at RheinMain University of Applied Sciences, Wiesbaden, Germany, is entitled Walkshow and will still take place until the 4th of March.

Since it was not possible to hold their exhibition within a closed venue, due to the corona crisis, the current Werkschau is being presented in a completely new format. Several institutions and businesses have provided the graduates with their shop windows for presentation. The 26 projects of the graduates will be showcased in lit windows. This new concept has turned the exhibition into a city tour and with its many stations invites the audience to take a stroll through the city itself. The exhibition is thus aptly named Walkshow.

The different projects are visible in public spaces throughout the day. The full effect of the exhibition however is most prominent in the evenings when the monitors and orange lights illuminate the Walkshow windows. The exhibition comprises a big range of concepts: from an elaborate design book on exceptional female athletes, a projection mapping project on a model of the facade of the State Theater, a self-help platform for people with rare medical conditions, up to a filmic installation on the topic of intuition or to the creation of an upcycling start-up for furniture.

Albeit group shows are not possible under the current circumstances, the Walkshow offers the graduates a platform to present their diverse and timely concepts and designs. And a wider audience is being offered the chance to get to inform themselves on the achievements of the young creative scene of Wiesbaden.

An extraordinary answer to extraordinary circumstances.


26 projects, 14 locations, 29 graduates

From February 18th to March 4th, 2021

At 14 locations in the city of Wiesbaden
Find a map of the locations here


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