DDC Design Competition: Discursive, Participatory, Democratic

Author: Greta Landmann

The German Designer Club (DDC) awarded ideas and projects in its design competition WAS IST GUT 2023 (transl. What is good) on September 22, 2023, aimed at making the world a better place. 12 winners were selected through a democratic and discursive process by the awardees themselves. A publication documents the works awarded in the DDC competition from 2021 onwards. This serves as a representative and discursive reference work for the design scene in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

The German Design Club stands for good design and is the leading club for designers of all disciplines in the German-speaking world. For over 30 years, the DDC has embraced design holistically to create sustainable value for society. How do we design things that add value? How do we create value-based living environments? How do we shape content with value?

In the second edition of the DDC Design Competition, the focus was on asking the right questions. WAS IST GUT—DDC Design Competition: Discursive, Participatory, Democratic by the German Design Club recognizes projects that are good and important because they create values and promote a social, democratic, and environmentally sustainable future. The publication not only showcases the awarded world-improving ideas and winners but also discusses the question What is good? in relation to design. After all, the Competition is also innovative in its process.

At WAS IST GUT, the participants themselves act as the jury - discursive, participatory, and democratic. With contributions from Robin Auer, Simon Daubermann, Claudia S. Friedrich, Felix Kosok, as well as from Georg-Christof Bertsch, Friedrich von Borries, Kirsten Dietz, Jonas Larbalette, and Ruben Pater.

Publisher: form publisher
Designer: Pascal Botlik of BÖE studio in Zurich, with consulting by Barbara Glasner from the form publisher.
Volume: 460 pages
Format: 16 × 12 × 3,7 cm, 560 g
Language: German

Workmanship: Softcover with flaps, open thread stitching, and Cradle to Cradle printing.
ISBN: 978-3-943962-75-8
Price: € 29,90.–

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