Thank you …

Winter break until 01/06/2019

Author: Julia Kahl

We are about to leave for some christmas holiday and will be back in the office on January 7th, 2019. Thanks to all of you who shared pictures in our social media channels from around, showing the magazine in stores, shelfs, living rooms, offices … Through your awesome online support, we got connected and through this stayed updated about new projects from all of you.

We started Slanted as a blog back in 2004, as a magazine back in 2005. After all these years, the publication has undergone a bunch of evolutions to become a serious, competitive publication in the field of graphic design and typography.

We are truly grateful for your continuous support. Thanks to all the contributors and readers, for your interest in our blog (after more than a year of effort, the new responsive & bilingual website is online finally), social media, and magazine.

We wish you, your families, and friends merry christmas and a happy new year. Let’s think of design as an always evolving process. Let’s recognize the interdependence, power, and influence of our role as professionals, and let it resonate with the world around us and within ourselves!

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