100 beste Plakate 2019

100 Best Posters 19

Germany, Austria, Switzerland

Author: Slanted editors

At December 13th the competition 100 Best Posters 19 (100 beste Plakate 19) starts by unlocking the registration. The deadline (online registration with upload of the designs) is January 20th, 2020, followed by an online pre-selection and, at the end of February 2020, the selection of the 100 best posters by the jury consisting of Michel Bouvet (Paris), Benjamin Buchegger (Studio Beton Vienna), Götz Gramlich (gggrafik, Heidelberg), Julia Kahl (Slanted, Karlsruhe) und Isabel Seiffert (Offshore Studio, Zurich).

The procedure is the same as in the previous years: designers, clients and print shops from Germany, Austria and Switzerland are invited to submit posters covering all topics, formats and printing techniques designed and printed in 2019. The participation is not free of charge (Starting from 50 €, staggered according to the number of posters), students and members of the 100 Beste Plakate e. V. get a discount of 50%.

Starting with Berlin, the 100 best posters will be shown on an exhibition tour at several locations in the three countries starting in the middle of next year. Information about the participation as well as the online archive of all posters since 2001 can be found here.

The visual identity of the new competition is designed by Lamm & Kirch, D-Leipzig/Berlin.

100 beste Plakate 2019