50U Book

50U Book

50 Years United Arab Emirates Designed by Irma Boom

Author: rea202610

50U is a book about the United Arab Emirates, the UAE. It was published on the occasion of the UAE’s golden jubilee: 50 years ago—December 2nd, 1971—the confederation of seven Gulf states was officially declared.

50U tells the story of the UAE in 50 portraits of people, plants and places, painting an intimate picture of life in the Emirates, with the memories and expectations of its inhabitants. Over a period of just fifty years, they have witnessed the transformation of a partly nomadic, partly town-based community into a globally active metropolitan society. Interviews with a former minister, a fisherman, an astronaut, a fashion designer, an AI specialist, a female racing driver, a contemporary artist, a conservation expert, a Japanese baker, a tailor and many more tell first-hand what it is like to grow up in the UAE or to spend the better part of one’s life in the region. As one of the interviewees has it:

“In 50 years, the city has transformed from desert to high-rise buildings that pierce the clouds. We have gone from a handful of nationalities to over 250 nationalities. We have jumped from the industrial stage in growth to sector diversification, nuclear power for sustainable solutions, and selling start-ups to big companies. There is almost a story in every sector and industry to tell of the past 50 years.” — Salem Ghanem Al-Marri

An extensive photo essay by Charlie Koolhaas documents the present of ‘where the people are,’ while documentation of plant-life shows what an amazing variety of species the desert contains.

50U Book

Publisher: Archis
Design: Irma Boom assisted by Lulu van Dijck, Jan van der Kleijn
Commissioner: Yasser Bin Khediya
Initial concept: Yasser Bin Khediya, Roadha Bin Khediya, Irma Boom
Concept development: Ahmed and Rashid bin Shabib, Archis, IBO
Editors: Ahmed and Rashid bin Shabib, Anna Seaman, Arjen Oosterman, Francesco Degl’Innocenti, Lilet Breddels, Irma Boom
Project director: Khawla Bin Khediya
Managing director: Francesco Degl’Innocenti
Editorial assistant: Idil Gökgöz
English copy editors: David Cross Kane, Ban Kattan
Transcription and translation: Lien Sulaiman, Noor Refaie, Awad Mustafa, Asha Sherwood, Dana Alomar
Arabic translation and editing: Soul Sisters: Nour Sulaiman, Lien Sulaiman, Lojain Sulaiman, Badiah Ezzi
Arabic page setting: Huda AbiFarès
Volume: 352 pages
Workmanship: Softcover with Silver foil
Format: 24 cm × 17 cm × 3 cm
Print: full color 300 illustrations

Language: English/Arabic
Printer: Zwaan Lenoir
Printed and Bound in the Netherlands
Distributors: Jashanmal (MENA region), Ideabooks (rest of the world)

ISBN: 978 90 77966 921
Price: € 35.–

50U Book

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