EDCH Talks

EDCH Talks

Inspiring Conference in a new Live-Video-Podcast-Format

Author: Lara Zettl

Magazines thrive—despite having a hard time during the virus—among other things because they aspire to emphasis “The Act of Nevertheless.” This means that magazines and their creators design against resistance, meanwhile provoke it, and in doing so repeatedly creating new approaches to familiar topics, but equally surprising insights into the evermore unexpected. With a simple idea the EDCH Talks bring together leading editorial designers and design magazine makers with protagonists from the design scene, follow their personal insights and outlooks in short impulse talks.

One week before Christmas the conference wants to give a chance to simply talk among and with each other, in a time when it is harder than ever to socialize. Shared Content flourishs into inspiration: The EDCH Talks itself becomes a small “Online-Video-Podcast-Magazine.” Everyone who simply feels like it, can join the free conference, which is dedicated to designers of all disciplines, journalists and students, for decision-makers, entrepreneurs, agency, publishing and media people, and literally anyone who is interested in.

At the end of this crazy year, in which so much did not take place or only in a changed form, the makers of the EDCH conference invite you to two virtual evenings of relaxed and inspiring encounters: EDCH Talk: Designing Society and EDCH Talk: Designing Education.

Even before the pandemic, Jochen Rädeker published eight theses in PAGE, asked colleagues to critically examine them and called for discussion. What is the situation today with regard to his findings from back then? In the first conference of the EDCH Talks, called Designing Society, these  important question will be discussed amongst others.
In an article for the DDC magazine, Uli Mayer-Johanssen called for a shift from knowledge to action, and described the role of design as absolutely essential for survival. How can designers not only design sustainably, but also have an impact on society? Altogether the event offer you to get to know speakers like Gabriele Günder (PAGE), Jochen Rädeker (Strichpunkt), Martina Metzner (abaut—editorial office for design and architecture), Svenja von Döhlen and Boris Kochan (KOCHAN & PARTNER).

“How can design make a decisive contribution to adapting education to current social and technical needs?” asks Lutz Engelke and gives at the same time the answer in his manifest for future and education. On the second event of the EDCH Talk: Designing Education, you can also experience deep insights into Slanted’s independent publishing and media house. Julia Kahl, Slanted’s Founder and Editor in Chief,  will explain what it means to combine typography, people, and cultures from all over the world. More interesting talk will also be hold on the digital stage, like Nina Sieverding und Anton Rahlwes (form), Roland Lambrette (HfK Bremen), Lutz Engelke (TRIAD), Martin Foessleitner (high-performance Vienna) and Boris Kochan (KOCHAN & PARTNER).

EDCH Talks

Tuesday, December 15th, 2020, 5:30 p.m. to approximately 9 p.m. at Zoom and YouTube
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Wednesday, December 16th, 2020, 5:30 p.m. to approximately 9 p.m. at Zoom and YouTube
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Price: On a donation basis 
Limited tickets for a maximum of 30 people in a Zoom conference, meanwhile it will be streamed on Youtube for an unrestricted wider audience



EDCH Talks

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