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Insta vs Industry – What does the future of design look like?

Author: Slanted editors

On November 13th 2019, the ADC Design Experience will be back for another round of inspiring talks and workshops at Neues Schloss Stuttgart. Like it was one year ago (we were there,) the Art Directors Club has once again engaged some of the best international and local heads of the creative industry as speakers. David Carson (legend of typography), Cécile Dormeau (illustrator & instagrammer), Bruno Maag (Swiss typeface designer & founder of the famous Dalton Maag Studio), Andreas Uebele (expert in visual communication and graphic design) and lots of other top creatives as well as industry leaders will share exclusive insights to the following key questions of the conference:

What does the future of design look like? What impact has social media on design? Will design trends rather be shaped by social media platforms, such as Instagram? Or by leading industries?

„INSTA VS. INDUSTRY“ will be the common thread running through the talks, workshops and networking opportunities of the ADC Design Experience. Tickets are now on sale, with special discounts for students.

At the 13th November 2019 at 11 a.m.

Neues Schloss Stuttgart,
Schloßpl. 4,
70173 Stuttgart

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