Adobe Live Birthday Special

Adobe Live in February: The big Photoshop birthday special

Author: Julia Kahl

Nine creative people in nine sessions over three days. It’s Photoshop’s birthday and we are celebrating all of the possibilities: Traditional, highly professional image processing and photography will be given a stage, as well as illustration, image composition, storytelling and digital smartphone art.

We are celebrating the ideas that can be realized with Photoshop. From the small sketch to high-resolution 3D artwork. So watch out—as you’ll be able to experience inspiration, techniques and many great ideas. It will be exciting, crazy and beautiful. For three days, the best creative minds in the field of image editing will show you what Photoshop can do. So click the link and be there live, get inspired and celebrate 30 years of Photoshop.

18 February 2020: 10.00 am–4.00 pm
Creativity at all levels

  • Alina Schessler, Photography: 10.00 am–12.00 pm
  • DomQuichotte, Cinematography and retouching: 12.00 pm–2.00 pm
  • Sina Domke, Storytelling: 2.00 pm–4.00 pm

19 February 2020: 10.00 am–4.00 pm
Exposing ideas in color

  • Eva Widermann, Illustration in Photoshop: 10.00 am–12.00 pm
  • Mikiko, Manga artist: 12.00 pm–2.00 pm
  • Olaf Giermann, Photo manipulation: 2.00 pm–4.00 pm

20 February 2020: 10.00 am–4.00 pm
Channel mixer disco

  • June Lawrence, Smartphone editor: 10.00 am–12.00 pm
  • JustCaan, YouTuber and content creator: 12.00 pm–2.00 pm
  • Robert Maschke, Photography and professional retouching: 2.00 pm–4.00 pm

Click the link and be there. The presenters Can Döner and Rufus Deuchler from Adobe are looking forward to meeting you! 18–20 February, from 10.00 am–4.00 pm each day.

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Adobe Live Birthday Special