AI-Aesthetic Imperfection

AI as Aesthetics Imperfection

Exploring Experimental Typography in the Co-creation Era

Author: Gianpaolo Tucci

Artificial Intelligence is taking over many digital experiences, optimizing and streamlining processes, tasks, and operations aiming for a self-learning mechanism (Machine Learning) able to be trained by input in form of data and analytics.

The age of co-creation has begun. In the context of art, and AI image generators, this technology opens up a new era in which humans and machines can smoothly collaborate in “Creating Moments.” With each input a visualization as an output will be delivered. Machine learning extensive training, still based on human inputs, to feed a community shared consciousness where all AI brains are feeding it, but as a brain being tailored to the individuals; Each to become an extension of the self.

This collection of artifacts is about experimental typography co-created with Artificial Intelligence and machine learning (a tool called mid-journey) giving a glimpse of the infinite possibilities for typographical experiments on individual letters words and compositions. The scope is to visualize a less technical and functional usage for typography.

To value his artistic expression found in the versatility of typography body shape, colors, materials, environment, light, mesh-up, and styles cross breeding, by associating in each chapter a different conceptual application that affected the shapes with a new metaphorical semantic. These are Aesthetic Imperfections.

AI-Aesthetic Imperfection

2022-08-15_62fa957deeb98_R2 2022-08-15_62fa957deeb45_R 2022-08-15_62fa957deea9c_G 2022-08-15_62fa957deeaf1_K 2022-08-15_62fa957deea48_E 2022-08-15_62fa957dee9f1_B