aiXdesign—Research Project at HAW Hamburg


Research Project at HAW Hamburg

Author: Nina Steimel

What is the future of design? How does artificial intelligence influence designers and creatives? aiXdesign is a research project at the University of Applied Sciences Hamburg (HAW Hamburg), centered around the question how complex algorithms, incorporating big data collections, change the way designers work.

We are undergoing another digital transformation: Big Data, Machine Learning, and other artificial intelligence methods are becoming part of many products and services. A.I. is increasingly becoming a part of design tools, which have always influenced the characteristics of the products and services they help to create. Therefore, the question of how design is influenced by A.I. and what impact A.I.-influenced design has on society is extremely relevant. Not only for designers and the creative industry, but the entire society.

To face this new and rapidly evolving field aiXdesign is all about gathering opinions, opening up discussions and building a community with people from different backgrounds facing the questions of our technologically infused working world.

The website contains seven crucial questions regarding designers’ sentiments towards artificial intelligence. The goal is to get a bigger picture how machine learning technologies are perceived in the creative industry. What do you think? Share your opinion in the! To get a deeper insight in creatives’ work with artificial intelligence aiXdesign invites speakers from various backgrounds to the shuttleevents. Every other Wednesday at 6 p.m. (CET) experts from all over the world give insights about their experience: From machine learning at Adobe, automated advertising in design agencies, artistic approaches to image and sound generation to all the questions beyond.

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aiXdesign—Research Project at HAW Hamburg

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