Magazine for Science

Author: Slanted editors

“How to design science?” This essential question was the starting point in the process of creating a concept for the new print magazine of the Einstein Foundation Berlin. Can knowledge also have sex appeal and if so, how would it look like? By now the Einstein Foundation has published four issues of the Albert magazine. Each of them covers a different scientific area of study such as mathematics, natural sciences, ancient studies and the latest edition is dedicated to the topic of new departures.

Designer Fons Hickmann and art director Raúl Kokott collaborated on the conception and the design of the magazine and their creative efforts were widely acclaimed and recognized by designers and scholars alike. The Einstein Foundation Berlin has the following raison d’être: “Not only do we want to support cutting-edge scientific research, we also want to talk about it.” Fons Hickmann M23 was commissioned to take over the design of the magazine’s fourth issue dedicated to the topic of new departures; future editions will highlight other scientific fields of study and the ways they are being pursued in the Einstein Berlin headquarters.

ALBERT – Magazine for Science

Publisher: Einstein Foundation
Editors: Christian Martin, Mirco Lomoth
Agency: Fons Hickmann M23
Designer: Raúl Kokott
Art Director: Fons Hickmann
Size: 27 × 20 cm
Scope: 104 pages
Print: 5c offset

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