by Detail Type Foundry

Author: Slanted editors

Detail Type Foundry (detail) is the type design institute of Kamimura & Co., an independent design studio based in Japan. They create retail and custom fonts for companies, brands and projects.

Originally, detail has been started with the type design practices of Makoto Kamimura, graphic designer and founder of the studio. He has created visual identities for many different clients. They create the typefaces not only for many different designs but also for new cultures, seeing their unique typefaces as great assistants to build the brand's identity.

Their new font Astro, published in 2018 and designed by Makoto Kamimura, is a calm, sophisticated and noiseless sans serif, described as a neo-humanist sans-serif. It combines humanist sans serif’s classical and elegant form with a minimal sequence of neo-grotesque sans-serif organized by the vertical lines. While the traditional sans-serif gives readers a heavy and mechanical impression, this typeface will create a smooth and ultramodern impression. Additionally, it has 20 weights to control visual gravity perfectly. So, letters will have the same impression on readers, no matter whether they are written on micro-ships or spaceships.


Type foundry: Detail Type foundry
Designer: Makoto Kamimura
Release: 2018
Styles: 4 Styles with 10 Weights, each with Slanteds 
file formats: OpenType CFF, Woff, Woff2
Price desktop license: USD$ 800.–
Price web license: USD$ 1,200.–  
only available as complete family set

Astro-font-slanted_00 Astro-font-slanted_02 Astro-font-slanted_03 Astro-font-slanted_04 Astro-font-slanted_05 Astro-font-slanted_06 Astro-font-slanted_07 Astro-font-slanted_08 Astro-font-slanted_09 Astro-font-slanted_10 Astro-font-slanted_11 Astro-font-slanted_12 Astro-font-slanted_13