Ardena Font Family

Ardena Font Family

By Julien Fincker

Author: Nina Steimel

We are pleased to introduce you to the well-rounded and extensive Ardena Font Family by Julien Fincker, that can be used for many purposes:

Ardena is a modern sans-serif typeface family. While neutral and clear at first glance, it can be characterized as both pleasant and confident due to its open, rounded forms and vertical terminals.

It can be used in both a restrained and expressive way. The thinner and thicker weights are particularly suitable for strong headlines, while the middle weights can be used for typographic challenges and body text. Completed with an extensive character collection, it becomes a real workhorse. A versatile allrounder that is up to all challenges—for Corporate Identity, Editorial, Branding, Orientation and Guidance systems and much more.

The Ardena family has a total of 20 styles, from Thin to Heavy with matching Italics. With over 1,064 characters, it covers over 200 Latin-based languages. It has an extended set of currency symbols and a whole range of Open Type Features. There are alternative characters as stylistic sets, small caps, automatic fractions—just to name a few. 

In particular, the extensive range of arrows and numbers should be highlighted, which are perfectly suited for use in orientation and guidance systems. Thanks to Open Type Features and an easy system, the various designs of arrows and numbers can also be simply “written” without first having to select them in a glyph palette. 

The principle is easily explained: If a number is placed in round or square brackets, it will automatically be displayed in an outlined circle or square. If you add a period to the number, it is displayed in a full circle or square. The same principle also applies to the arrows. The arrows themselves are combinations of greater/less symbols with the various slashes or hyphens.

About the Designer
Julien Fincker lives and works in Stuttgart, Germany. After graduating as a Communications and Graphic Designer, he worked for influential agencies and companies, such as Grafisches Atelier Stankowski + Duschek. Today he works as an Art Director at Sieber & Wolf Werbeagentur. Freelance and part-time, he also attaches great importance to multidisciplinary work—especially type design. 

Ardena Font Family — By Julien Fincker

Designer: Julien Fincker
Release: 2021
Styles and Weights: 20 Styles from Thin to Heavy with matching Italics
Price Single Style: € 26.99
Price Full Family: € 144.99
Ardena Medium is available for free
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Ardena Font Family

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