art Karlsruhe 2020

art Karlsruhe 2020

A look at classical modern and contemporary art

Author: Julia Kahl

art Karlsruhe 2020 opened its doors today for a preview and we had a first look at the program of 200 international galleries as well as numerous one-artist shows, flanked by a varied supporting program and the special exhibitions.

For the third time, the “Karlsruhe Multiple” project draws attention to an endangered species. As in previous years, the art project initiated by Vollack is a cooperation with the Karlsruhe Zoo and the State Majolica Manufactory. In 2020, it is the Humboldt Penguin that is the artistic subject of the project. The work by artist Klaus Gutowski will be presented to the public for the first time at art Karlsruhe.

We gained a first impression of the 17th edition of the artfair especially in the field of prints and edition objects as well as contemporary art. Especially the former often represents the beginning of a collector’s life with the acquisition of a print, since it is well known that the prices here are attractive even for beginners due to the “serial” character. And the medium of printmaking also deserves attention: almost all artists have tried their hand at aquatint, lithography, silkscreen or woodcut.

Particularly noteworthy here is the special exhibition in the private collection of Hans-Peter Haas (*1935 in Stuttgart), who has been working with internationally renowned painters and sculptors for over 60 years, bringing their ideas to life through print. Among them are greats such as Salvador Dalí, Lucio Fontana, Max Ernst and Günther Fruhtrunk, as well as Heinz Mack and Victor Vasaerely. Haas’s works bear witness to an extraordinarily high level of craftsmanship, which has earned him a unique reputation worldwide.

It is no coincidence that art Karlsruhe is dedicating a hall of its own to the youngest generation: it still sticks to canvas and color and only partially addresses the seductions of digital origin. The works of art often have a figurative, political and experimental effect on us.

Those who can take the time to take a look at the current art market themselves are best advised to visit art Karlsruhe from 13 to 16 February 2020.

art Karlsruhe 2020

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