In 20 Posters Around the World

Limited poster edition for ENTKUNSTUNG

Author: entkunstung

ENTKUNSTUNG is an independent forum for art criticism and practice based in Berlin and Vienna. On the occasion of the publication of their third yearbook, they invited 22 artists and designers from all over the world to participate and support their project In 20 Posters Around the World by creating an exclusive poster artwork.

The result: 20 wonderful posters that represent not only each artist’s aesthetic but also a strong feeling of community and cooperation. The posters are available in their online shop in a limited edition of 10 each, hopefully finding a new home in people’s homes soon.

From Tokyo to Johannesburg, from Berlin to México City, from Lausanne to Bogotá, all the people involved in this project have a lofty and humble idea of working together based on solidarity. ENTKUNSTUNG knew their work because they admire what they do. Although some of the artists, graphic and type designers, and photographers didn’t know about the non-profit curatorial platform, the response to our request terrific and the support bigger than they could have ever imagined. The artworks are crucial for the art project to finance their latest publication—their third yearbook—and to keep the ongoing project and new ventures alive.

The book reunites more than 90 articles and artworks from people from around the world in a 300-pages book every year. ENTKUNSTUNG is an independent forum for art criticism and practice based in Berlin and Vienna. Since 2017 they have been committed to creating critical content alongside more than 300 artists, writers, and musicians through their printed publications, online journal, group shows, online exhibitions, and more than 20 performances and live-electronic music events.

The limited poster edition helps the project to remain autonomous, critical, and independent to keep their engagement with artists and writers dedicated to the reflection and production of contemporary art and cultural criticism. Their projects are based on the idea of consolidating a strong we, and so are the thoughts of the artists and writers participating in their first poster edition and publications.

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