art Karlsruhe 2022

art Karlsruhe 2022

Classic Modern and Contemporary Art Fair

Author: Vicky Blake

Past week the art Karlsruhe 2022 took place for the 19th time from July 7th to 10th. The team of Slanted came by to have a look at the modern and contemporary art market.

The Karlsruhe art fair has been cancelled in 2021 due to COVID and has been rescheduled for summer 2022. In four huge halls, 215 galleries from Greece, Turkey, Germany, the USA, and many other countries exhibited their works, including paintings, sculptures, installations, and prints. There were 180 one-artist shows, 24 places for sculptures, and two special exhibitions. Around 30,000 visitors came to see, what the modern art world has to offer.

The art Karlsruhe prize went to Ambra Durante, whose work was presented by Galerie Friese, Berlin.

After this years success the art Karlsruhe 2023 will again take place next year in the summer from May 4th to 7th.

art Karlsruhe 2022

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