ATypI 2020 All Over

Type Lovers, Unite!

Author: Clara Weinreich

Take the last chance to sign up for the ATypI 2020 All Over, which will start tomorrow with a full day of workshops!

Type Lovers all over the world are invited to join ATypI 2020 All Over virtual conference presented by the Association Typographique Internationale. Whether you are a type enthusiast, designer, student, or aspiring creative, here’s your chance to enhance your knowledge and get inspired. Registration for ATypI All Over is open, with more than 200 exciting speakers showing on the site. Register now!

ATypI 2020 All Over is the first virtual conference presented by the Association Typographique Internationale. Due to the global pandemic we have all been facing, and out of an abundance of caution and concern for the health and safety of our typographic family, the organizers made the decision to postpone the Paris conference until it’s safe for everyone to travel and attend large events. Even though we can’t be together in person this year, they are looking forward bringing their community together in a new and exciting way.

ATypI 2020 will bring together typeface designers, lettering artists, publishers, developers, educators, and other members of the global type, tech, and design communities. ATypI is an international network that spans design professions, company sizes, and geographic areas of activity. The ATypI team is going to take full advantage of the opportunity to offer exceptional programming, networking, and social events, and to hear from top experts and new voices from around the world. They couldn’t be more excited—a virtual conference will allow them to be more inclusive and accessible than ever before. Proposals to present in languages other than English are welcome and encouraged!

ATypI conferences are known for taking place in stimulating environments where participants will meet like-minded professionals and students, make connections across industries, and develop extensive networks of learning, enterprise, and mentorship. This year’s big event is no exception! The organizers are creating a new kind of gathering that bridges cultures, generations, and time zones at the intersection of business and friendship.

It is in this spirit of comprehension, optimism, and inclusion that they invite designers, typographers, type designers, and type enthusiasts worldwide to join them the last week of October for ATypI 2020 All Over.

ATypI 2020 All Over

October 27th–31st, 2020
24 hours for 5 days

14 Workshops on day 1, Tuesday, October 27th
The workshops are available free to conference attendees


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