A Trustworthy Ally With Sharp Teeth by Identity Letters

Author: Moritz Kleinsorge

Just as letters rarely come alone, humans, too, are social animals. We all need an assertive companion sometimes. Someone who radiates confidence and reliability. Someone who shows us the right approach to our challenges. Typographically speaking, such an aide would be Baghira, our contemporary serif typeface. Like its feline namesake from Kipling’s Jungle Book, Baghira has an elegant, smooth appearance and an impressive set of large, sharp teeth. And like the panther, this typeface is poised enough to bear its serifs without flaunting. Try it out: despite the size of these wedges, you’ll never feel that they are distracting. In fact, they may even add to the reading flow by creating a horizontal drive in every line that draws you along, guiding you through the jungle of the text. That’s what faithful companions do, after all.

With smoothly drawn curves, precisely placed corners, and rectangular dots, Baghira is a design rooted in the here and now. Its true italics gently allude to calligraphic roots, but overall, Baghira doesn’t follow any historical model. This cool cat sets his own standards.

Designed by Christian Gruber, with art direction by Moritz Kleinsorge, the Baghira font family consists of eight fonts, with four weights ranging from Regular to Bold. Its character set contains almost 800 characters per style and is suited to quality typography in editorial design, book design, UI/UX, and advertising. Numerous OpenType features bring its versatility to perfection. This includes small caps, different figure sets, circled numbers, arrows, and many more.

Baghira is a perfect pick for any project in which very legible body copy with a contemporary look as well as serious but energetic serif headlines are called for, unburdened by historical baggage. This font family is especially suitable for brands and corporate designs that opt for a single typeface, given its great performance in all sizes and all media. Thus, Baghira is a great font for books (whether fiction, nonfiction, or text books, printed or ebooks) magazines and newspapers from indie to financial, annual reports, catalogs, and websites.

Baghira feels at home in the world of journalism, activism, literature, fashion, art, NGOs—and wherever a message with biting wit is waiting for a matching visual voice. Our sleek black cat is not limited to those fields, though: a true panther makes his way in the teeth of the jungle.

Stuck in a project? Lost in type specimens? Can’t see the forest for the trees in your font menu? Just let Baghira take the lead. This trustworthy aide might nudge you into the right direction.


Foundry: Identity Letters
Designer: Christian Gruber, Moritz Kleinsorge
Release: November 2021
File Formats: otf, woff2 + trial fonts (via Identity Letters)
Weights: Regular, Regular Italic, Medium, Medium Italic, Semi Bold, Semi Bold Italic, Bold, Bold Italic
Price: starting from 35.– Euro

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