Basics Blog Post #03

Basics Blog Post #03

Design Principles

Author: Henrike Uthe

We are happy to share with you that the editorial team of last year’s basics course at the Berlin University of the Arts offers printed matter in the form of postcards on the Basics Blog: Basics Blog Post #03

The Basics Blog postcard set is appearing for the third time: a curated selection of works by the Basics Blog editorial team of last year’s basics students of Visual Communication at the University of the Arts is being published by UdK Verlag. The high-quality postcard set includes ten selected artworks that were created in an exploration of design principles. The accompanying banderole was also designed by students of the basics class.

The basics course is the introductory course of design in Visual Communication at the UdK Berlin, the entry point to the four-year BA program in Visual Communication. In the 1st and 2nd semesters, students explore elementary questions and possibilities of design. The focus is on getting to know the different media and experimenting with their design languages using digital and analog tools. The fields of observation are image, moving image, space, and interaction. In the semester projects, students go through all of the phases of the design process in an exemplary manner—from research and concept to the creation of variants and production. The tasks are formulated anew for each year. The intention is to enable the students to handle the tools and design methods independently. They learn to reflect, discuss, and present their own work; they experience what it means to assume authorship for designed content. The foundation study program aims to provide space for the development of one’s own design attitude and thus enable participation in current professional discourses.

The project was initiated and implemented by the Basics Blog editorial team.

Basics Blog Post #03

Publisher: Basics, Visual Communication, Berlin University of the Art
Editors: Henrike Uthe, Stefanie Messner, Jean-Noël Teschauer, Nick Alker, Annelie Dormann, Pauline Pyras, Yael Rathjens, Sina Schlerf, Jakob Erek Sen, Tim Stürze
With works from: Nick Alker, Jonas Gerber, Christian Pasqual, Pauline Pyras, Sina Schlerf, Moana Marie Filipa Schorlemer Filipe, Aisha Ramm, Charlotte Riemann, Lea Verholen Schmitt, Tim Stürze
Photographers: Pauline Pyras, Sina Schlerf, Tim Stürze
Design: Valeria Alejandra Alvarez Balcazar, Taro Usami
Volume: 10 postcards
Format: 10.5 × 14.8 cm
ISBN Druck: 978-3-89462-367-8
ISBN PDF: 978-3-89462-368-5

Price: 5.– Euro

Visit the Basics Blog or the UdK Verlag

Basics Blog Post #03

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