Begel, der Egel


Author: Julia Kahl

Most children's books deal with wild animals such as bears, lions and tigers or with cute dogs and cats – Nele Brönner puts the leech into the focus of her latest book. A leech? Right, a leech. And he lives in a veterinary practice, where he pursues his daily work for medical purposes. In the morning he does his gymnastics exercises, then he treats the patients, and in the evening he takes care of the river sand bottom of his glass. That much depends on him, that's clear to Begel. That's why he does not understand why he suddenly has to share his cozy glass with the slender leech Ögel. Of course, Begel does not know anything about the huge dog patient and how uncomfortable it can be outside his little home ...

A great book printed with bright special colors for small and large readers!

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Begel, der Egel

Illustration: Nele Brönner
Publisher: Luftschacht Verlag
Release: October 2018
Version: Hardcover
Language: German
Format: 19.0 x 25.0 cm
Volume: 32 pages
ISBN 978-3-903081-31-4
Price: € 22,–