Berlin Letters 2024

A Festival for Lettering, Type Design, Calligraphy and Sign Painting

Author: Greta Landmann

Berlin Letters 2024 is set to be the premier festival for lettering, type design, calligraphy, and sign painting. Over the course of three vibrant days, this event will bring together international experts, passionate enthusiasts, and creative professionals.

Berlin Letters promises a variety of engaging activities designed to spark creativity and foster connections among attendees. Highlights of the festival programme include live sign-painting demonstrations by renowned sign painters, exhibitions and installations showcasing works from acclaimed artists and designers, and panel discussions on industry trends, challenges, and innovations with leading experts. Additionally, there will be ample networking events providing opportunities to connect with fellow attendees, share ideas, and collaborate on creative projects.

Attendees can look forward to a rich lineup of international lectures, where leading figures in the world of type and design will share their insights, trends, techniques, and the stories behind some of the most iconic works. These lectures are designed to inspire and inform, offering a unique glimpse into the minds of top designers. Speakers include Claire Coullon, Chris Campe, Doro Ottermann, Luc(as) de Groot, Gianpaolo Tucci, and Beatriz Lozano, and many more.

The festival will also feature a series of professional workshops. Participants will have the opportunity to learn new techniques, experiment with different styles, and broaden their creative horizons. Workshops include Type Knitting by Rüdiger Schlömer, Introduction to Type Design with Glyphs by Sol Matas, and Fileteado Porteño—Traditional Letters from Argentina by Gustavo Ferrari, among many others.

Berlin Letters 2024

July, 5th to July, 7th, 2024

silent green Kulturquartier
Gerichtstr. 35, 13347 Berlin

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