gggrafik design—slay allegories

Upcoming Exhibition of Götz Gramlich at Le Signe

Author: Greta Landmann

Le Signe National Center for Graphic Design in Chaumont announced an upcoming exhibition featuring the eclectic and impactful works of renowned graphic designer Götz Gramlich. slay allegories promises to provide an in-depth look into the creative world of a designer who has significantly influenced the field of graphic design through his innovative and socially engaged work.

Götz Gramlich, born in 1974 in Heidelberg, earned his diploma in Communication Design from the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences. His career began with a pivotal role as an assistant to the legendary Niklaus Troxler at Studio Troxler in Willisau, Switzerland. In 2005, Gramlich established his own studio, gggrafik, in Heidelberg, setting the stage for a prolific career that spans nearly two decades.

Beyond his professional achievements, Gramlich is deeply committed to using graphic design as a tool for social and political commentary. He is a co-founder of the political poster festival Mut zur Wut (engl.: courage to be angry), an annual competition that highlights posters with critical, social, and political messages. During the festival, selected posters are displayed in public spaces, transforming these areas into platforms for visual protest. This initiative underscores Gramlich’s belief in the power of posters to effect change and his dedication to political and social causes.

The upcoming exhibition at Le Signe in 2024 offers a unique opportunity to explore the diverse work of Götz Gramlich. Visitors will experience the breadth of his designs, characterized by eclectic styles and a deep exploration of techniques and imagery. This exhibition not only celebrates his artistic achievements but also his ongoing commitment to cultural and social issues through graphic design.

gggrafik design—slay allegories

From 26th of June, 2024 to 5th of January, 2025

Le Signe—National Center for Graphic Design

Centre National du Graphisme
1 Place Émile Goguenheim
52000 Chaumont

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