Exhibition at Buchstabenmuseum Berlin

Author: Clara Weinreich

At the top, the S-Bahn roaring to its next stop at Bellevue station, below the high vaulted ceilings draw visitors to the Buchstabenmuseum (“letter museum”) deeper and deeper into the mysterious S-Bahn arches. For 15 years, the museum has been collecting neon signs, illuminated letters, and lettering from public spaces to save these typographic treasures and their stories from destruction and oblivion.

In Berlin, the Buchstabenmuseum is almost still an insider tip, but so much has been reported internationally that guests from all over the world come to see the typographic Wunderkammer. The whole, colorful collection is a single invitation to take photographs, and there is no other way to cope with the inevitable enthusiasm for the variety of colors and shapes of the exhibits. But for its 15th birthday, the Buchstabenmuseum is getting another attraction—the BERLIN Mural—with an oversized wall design.

Chris Campe and Merle Michaelis will paint the word “Berlin” on the floor, walls and ceiling. Each S-Bahn arch has an area of around 150 square meters, the vaults are over four and a half meters high—the painted letters will be so large that they dissolve into an abstract black and white stripe pattern and can only be recognized as writing at second glance.

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This project receives no public funding and is made possible exclusively by volunteers and members—thank you very much! You also want to help? Support the BERLIN Mural with your donation.


Opening: July 2nd, 2020, 5 p.m.
Duration: July 3rd, 2020, until November 1st, 2020

Stadtbahnbogen 424
10557 Berlin

S-Bahn Bellevue
U-Bahn Hansaplatz


Merle Michaelis fotografiert von Kathrin Klein, Mai 2020