Design Dedication—Adaptive Mentalities in Design Education

Author: Valiz Books and Projects

Design Dedication—Adaptive Mentalities in Design Education makes a plea for adaptive mentalities within design pedagogy, with a non-normative approach to design practices. It explores an attitude in and towards design education that is socially engaged, politically aware, generous in approach, lyrical in tone, experimental in form and collaborative in practice. How can we talk about and bring out the political that’s inherent in the work that design students are doing? What are the underlying values of such a pedagogy? What kind of practices are developed in that context? It is essential that designers understand how to leverage their position and expertise to take a stance in contemporary discussions. This book starts from the premise of allowing and facilitating (design) students to develop a socially involved and politically aware practices that allow them to relate to current events. This way, design becomes a means and medium to deal with reality and to relate to complex truths.

Design Dedication explores how an educational institute can support and safeguard this development among its students and reflects on how the institute can take responsibility in this regard. The Sandberg Instituut’s Design Department took these considerations as a starting point—to avoid hierarchy in the training and to rely on the strength of the collective, with values such as trust and generosity at its core.

Design Dedication reaches out to design students, designers, artists, and teachers who are open to questioning their own practices and reformulating values in design education for a yet unpredictable, but surely dedicated tomorrow.

Interwoven with the text, this book contains a wide selection of interesting images, all of works and projects developed at or within the framework of the Design Department of the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam (The Sandberg Institute provides the Master’s degree programmes at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie).

Design Dedication—Adaptive Mentalities in Design Education

Editor: Annelys de Vet
Contributors: Hannes Bernard, Michèle Champagne, Rana Ghavami, Anja Groten, Agata Jaworska, Anastasia Kubrak, Sherida Kuffour, Gui Machiavelli, Daniel van der Velden, Annelys de Vet and many others
Design: Tessa Meeus & Alex Walker
Release: 2020
Publisher: Valiz with Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam
Production/Finishing: Paperback
Volume: 192 pages
Format: 23.5 × 17 cm
Language: English
ISBN: 978-94-92095-73-2
Price: € 19.90

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