Blank Poster Volume 1—Experimental Poster Book

Author: Blank Poster

Blank Poster is an experimental platform where designers and visual creators can create posters based only on a randomly generated word. Anyone can participate in the exercise and the participants themselves choose how they want to interpret the random words and then visualize posters in their own way. Every week, all submitted posters are published at and a new word gets generated.

The goal of setting up this platform was to create an informal visual playground where creativity and experimental design would be the focus. This would allow creatives to try out new techniques and visualize creative ideas without restrictions.

Blank Poster was started in 2014 and has so far resulted in more than 12,800 posters created by people from all over the world. Now they have made their first publication, Blank Poster Volume 1 which contains 700+ posters by 393 designers from 53 countries and 5 interviews with participants.

The publication features posters that demonstrate the wide variety of designs within the online poster archive. Furthermore, it aims at showing the creative potential found in the experimental exercise of doing what you feel like within a short timeframe with minimal guidelines.

Book and more information here available

Publisher: Blank Publishing
Authors: Anders Bakken, Ole M. Ødegaard
Release: October 2019
Volume: 272 pages
Format: 21.3 × 29.8 cm
Language: English
ISBN: 978-82-691706-0-3
Price: 29.– €

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