Supernett revised


Author: GHW

Supernett by FaceType is now available in three weights, two widths, Uprights and Italics. The handmade family is tailored for large font sizes but also impresses with seamless legibility in small type sizes. The extensive character set supports 209 Central and Eastern European as well as Western European languages.

Supernett is a versatile handmade text- and display-family and is perfect for space-saving headlines. All letters and numerics are available in three variants which alternate randomly with OpenType Contextual Alternates activated. One of Supernett’s key features is “Wiggling jumping letters”: letters jump around the baseline or tilt forward and backwards without a plan. Combine this feature with OpenType Contextual Alternates and let Supernett look truly hand-drawn with a maximum effect when applied to big typesetting. Further features include small caps, glyph alternates, case sensitive forms, fractions, symbols, and more.

Single weights are available for $ 19.90, the family (all 12 styles) is $ 89.–

Supernett Font & Feature Guide

2019-10-24_5db1ae2a0f9cf_Supernett_Font_Family_by_Georg_Herold-Wildfellner-02 2019-10-24_5db1ae2a0f965_Supernett_Font_Family_by_Georg_Herold-Wildfellner-03 2019-10-24_5db1ae2a0f8f8_Supernett_Font_Family_by_Georg_Herold-Wildfellner-04 2019-10-24_5db1ae2a0f887_Supernett_Font_Family_by_Georg_Herold-Wildfellner-05 2019-10-24_5db1ae2a0f819_Supernett_Font_Family_by_Georg_Herold-Wildfellner-06 2019-10-24_5db1ae2a0f7a9_Supernett_Font_Family_by_Georg_Herold-Wildfellner-07 2019-10-24_5db1ae2a0f73a_Supernett_Font_Family_by_Georg_Herold-Wildfellner-09 2019-10-24_5db1ae2a0f6e3_Supernett_Font_Family_by_Georg_Herold-Wildfellner-11 2019-10-24_5db1ae2a0f683_Supernett_Font_Family_by_Georg_Herold-Wildfellner-12