Blumen zum Selbstschneiden

Blumen zum Selbstschneiden

Exhibition of Serigraphic Flowers by SITO DEBIUT and Vlad Boyko

Author: Franzi Haeussner

Blumen zum Selbstschneiden (engl.: Flowers—Picking Selfservice) is an exhibition full of serigraphic flowers by SITO DEBIUT and Vlad Boyko taking place from September 28th to November 30th, 2021, in Warsaw, Poland.

Across the western border there is a custom, where by fields full of flowers you can find tins, in which you leave money for the flowers you have picked. Just like that, no receipt, no cameras. You take something, you give something. The custom of social trust and exchange known also from central Germany inspired Vladyslav Boyko for the exhibition at Kwiaciarnia Grafiki.

This “German experience” was used as a pretext for the exhibition Blumen zum Selbstschneiden, which will bloom with screen-printed artifacts inspired by the concept of stand-alone flower kiosks in Germany. The Graphic Florist will bloom on the walls as well, a flower symbolic of exchange and trust. All this put through the graphic language of Vladek Boyko, in which he successfully flirts vector synthesis with romantic soul. “Flowers are for me the absolute of beauty and life,” Boyko says.

Vladek Boyko’s exhibition is the result of an internship at the Graphic Florist. Vladek uses screen printing for the exhibition: “At this moment for me it is a medium that combines virtuality and reality. I feel more weight and truth in it,” he says.

About the artist:
Vlad Boyko—born in 2001 in Chernihiv, Ukraine. Visual artist and graphic designer, his work is based on photography, typography, and collage. He creates posters and visual identities for cultural and social institutions. He also works with set design and animation in the performative sphere. He studies New Media Art at the Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology in Warsaw. He is inspired by urban planning, monumental art and eclectic aesthetics of the post-soviet space. In his work he often explores the relationship between emotion and graphics, form and context, space and man.

About the studio:
Kwiaciarnia Grafiki is a serigraphy studio, design studio and the only gallery in Poland focusing on hand screen printed works. Artefacts of the art of screen printing are distributed by the online store. The presented prints are characterized by uniqueness: hand screen printed serigraphs allow for short editions, ranging from several to several dozen copies. This repeatability of the technique has an impact on its democratic price, which they try to set at a level accessible to a fan or collector. Authenticity, each print is signed by the author.

Blumen zum Selbstschneiden

September 28th to November 30th, 2021

The exhibition is open by appointment

Kwiaciarnia Grafiki
6/8 Smulikowskiego Street
Warsaw (second courtyard, basement)

Blumen zum Selbstschneiden

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