Brygada 1918 Typeface

Brygada 1918

Digital Revival Project

Author: Clara Weinreich

Brygada 1918 is a digital revival project of Brygada typeface done thanks to the support of the “Independent” program and the President of the Republic of Poland. The source of inspiration lies in casting matrices found by Janusz Paweł Tryzno In the Book Art Museum in Lodz. Extended Btygada 1918 family including six versions is available for download under Open Font License. We hope that through its use the Brygada 1918 project will benefit the building common conscience of type design—a domain of significant, culture building character.

According to the historical research the typeface was most probably created during the interwar period, in the Type Foundry Idźkowski and Co. in Warsaw. The main idea of this undertaking was to honor the typographic heritage in a vivid manner. Original matrices were available in regular, italic, and bold versions. To allow the practical application of the font in a larger versatility of projects the collection gained semibold, semibold italic and bold italic variants. Apart from redrawing, the shapes were adjusted and corrected, and the available glyph coverage was greatly expanded. Regarding the character set, Brygada 1918 type family contains extended Latin, extended Cyrillic, basic Greek, International Phonetic Alphabet, four figuer versions (oldstyle, lining, tabular oldstyle, tabular lining), small caps, sub- and superscript, currency symbols, mathematical signs, and a wide set of ornaments, in all 6 versions.

The Btygada 1918 family is available for download under Open Font License here.

Designed by: Mateusz Machalski, Borys Kosmynka, Ania Wieluńska, and Przemysław Hoffer

Brygada 1918 Typeface

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