coexist slanted call for submissions

Coexist — Call for Submissions

Slanted Magazine #36

Author: Julia Kahl

COEXIST—to live or exist together, in peace, at the same time or in the same place.

The first time in our lives the world is changing fundamentally. We need to rethink what all this is about. Higher, faster, and further at the expense of others cannot point the way to the future. We need to question ourselves, how we want to coexist, show consideration, and take a step back. How do we reconcile ego and common sense? How do we meet poverty where a few have everything? How can we face climate change, political madness, religious wars, and other paradigm shifts? How do we want to live in a society that is politically divided? How do we face government decisions that affect civic freedoms and human rights?

We are inviting you to submit a work that looks beyond Covid19. Please don’t submit posters telling us to stay at home and wash our hands etc. The topic is COEXIST.


Instead of showing off with opulence we want to shine with modesty. Therefore, this issue will be produced exclusively in 1 color.

Graphic designers, illustrators, photographers—you’re very welcome to submit your artwork exclusively in black & white and add a statements that might guide us and others beyond status quo. Journalists, authors or poets, we would be very happy if you contact us by email and talk with us about your text submission. Text contributions are highly appreciated!

Submissions can be uploaded until June 5th, 2020. The issue will be published in October 2020. We will then review all contributions and get in touch with you. Thank you so much for being part of this!


coexist slanted call for submissions