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3 Brands Cracking The Visual Code On Instagram

Author: Slanted editors

For companies doing business in 2019, using eye-catching imagery is a given: customers expect to be inspired. And nowhere is visual disruptiveness more necessary than on Instagram.

Here, we highlight three brands that consistently post exceptional images, and show you how stock can be your source for compelling visual content that helps you stand out on social media.


MATCHA.MIYA: Embrace Ritual

Matcha Miya’s grid exudes a zen-like energy, making it a space where their customers can visually immerse themselves in the ritual of enjoying a cup of tea.

Key takeaway: Content before commerce. The brand posts few product shots, focusing instead on their aesthetic. This is a welcome respite for customers who are often bombarded by aggressive sales messages.


Harry’s: Create Connection

With a savvy combination of product photos, quotes, and “I’m so that guy” lifestyle shots, Harry’s comes across as super-relatable.

Key takeaway: Be aspirational, but accessible. There is a sweet spot between the two approaches that can build customer loyalty. The mix of stylized product shots, bright colors, and playful brand voice makes it easy for customers to connect with the brand.


National Geographic Travel: Inspire Awe

National Geographic Travel is the ultimate travel feed, with each photo more monumental than the last. Their Instagram strategy is simple: inspire serious #FOMO by serving up mind-blowing images of roads less traveled.

Key takeaway: Go big or go home. Source and post only the best images. NatGeo sources their content from top-tier photographers around the globe. Want a little inspo? Check out these incredible shots by Shutterstock’s top landscape photographer.


These companies all exhibit an unwavering commitment to ensuring that every image delivers on their brand promise. So how can you make your brand visually disruptive? That’s where Shutterstock comes in.

It’s not stock. It’s Shutterstock.

Shutterstock is an all-in-one creative platform that offers best-in-class visual assets, easy-to-use tools, and reliable support to empower how brands connect with customers.

Our extensive content library of more than 200 million assets is one of the main reasons why leading global brands rely on us for assets that are dramatic, unexpected, and, of course, high-quality.

We’ve also have developed tools that make it easier for brands to create memorable content. Our recent innovations include advanced search filters, next-gen “composition aware” search functionality, an Adobe plugin that instantly connects the entire Shutterstock library to your workflow, and a powerful mobile app that enables on-the-go creativity. In addition, we’ve created Shutterstock Editor, which makes it easy to size and customize images for every major social media platform.

Need more inspiration? Visit to check out mind-blowing image Collections that show why it’s not stock, it’s Shutterstock.

This text has been written by Lisa Hurley.

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