Bauhaus 4.0 meets service & interaction design

Interaction with all senses—how will experience be shaped in the future?

Author: Slanted editors

Digitization and globalization are among the major economic and social contemporary issues. Can parallels be drawn to the upheavals of industry and society that made Bauhaus 100 years ago? Can we still use the utopian potential of the Bauhaus today to find ways of successfully leading the design of today into the future? How can we exploit the expansion of the fields of work of designers completed in recent years and not fall into the trap of diluting the design concept beyond recognition? How can designers help us to experience the changes in the world that accompany digitization and what contribution can they make to the humane design of the world? What is the correspondence to the demand for lifelong learning for a continuous education and training of professional designers and what actually helps us design theory in all these questions?

At the podium discussion on 26.3. In Bremen, we will discuss the role and the potential of Service & Interaction Design in times of digitization in a pointed and provocative way. Et al with Tanja Diezmann, Anne-SophieOertzen, Torsten Meyer-Boga, Torsten Stapelkamp and the two moderators Boris Kochan and Ulrich Müller. Welcome by Thomas Bade. An evening on a small scale for designers and design enthusiasts in the paper warehouse of Hansa GmbH & Co.KG—join in the discussions!

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March, 26th, 2019
6:30 pm


Papierlager der Hansa GmbH & Co. KG
Heinz-Kerneck-Straße 8
28307 Bremen


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