CXI 2023

CXI 2023

Europe’s biggest Corporate- and Brand-Identity Conference

Author: Juliane Noest

Join the CXI—Europe’s biggest Corporate- and Brand-Identity conference!

What determines the success of a corporate or brand identity project? What are the criteria on the part of the client and the agency? And how can such a complex process be successfully implemented?

Many aspects play a role here—and in particular the quality of the cooperation between client and agency. For this reason, both sides present the course and development of a project at the CXI conference.

The speaking companies and agencies present their view of things from very different positions—and yet together—explain problems and present their solutions. This way, the entire range and complexity of the task becomes clearer, and decisions and motivations, as well as the resulting outcomes, can be made more comprehensible.

The CXI conference is organized by the FH Bielefeld and, with almost 1000 visitors, has become the largest European Corporate- and Brand-Identity conference.

Registration for CXI 2023 starts on Monday, February 27th at 11 A.M.—don't miss it as the tickets are often sold out quickly! Registration for students begins after the start of the semester on April 3rd at 12 P.M.

May 26th 2023

Lokschuppen Bielefeld
Stadtheider Strasse 11
33609 Bielefeld

Inken Barz, Strichpunkt
Jan Fischer, Hamburg Towers
Coralie Grau, Jokolade
Henning Klimczak, Sherpa Design
Jessica Krier, R/GA
Petra Mackeová, ŠKODA
Martina Miocevic, Studio Mathilda Mutant
Gabor Schreier, Saffron (Madrid)
David Steingrüber, Strichpunkt
Zach Stubenvoll – Meta
Stephanie von Behr – Founderland
Johannes von Kreuz – Sherpa Design


CXI 2023