Leipziger Typotage 2023

Type and Joy

Author: Tessa Breuer

Type is form is emotion is joy. The 28th Leipziger Typotage 2023 celebrate the various facets of typographic joy. The desire for haptics in digital times in the form of calligraphy, letterpress, or print finishing. The desire for new techniques and experiments, the desire for the printed word, for reading, for colors, and forms. The desire for new perspectives. The lectures will focus on type design, visual communication, and type research.

The program

Birgit Alabowitz (Leipzig): Refining print products—for all senses!
Ann Bessemans (Hasselt/Belgium): Typefaces for Children's Reading (in English)
Céline Hurka (The Hague/Netherlands): The Reproducibility of Type.
Moritz Schefers (Leipzig): Risography, WTF?
Stefanie Vogl (Berlin): The desire to create and how to retain it
Petra Wöhrmann (Munich): Joy and Stubbornness. Handwritten, please.

The conference will be moderated by Christine Hartmann, member of the Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Druckkunst Leipzig e.V. (Society for the Promotion of the Art of Printing Leipzig).

To kick off the Typotage the evening before (May 12th, 2023) the Swiss graphic designer and letterpress printer Dafi Kühne will talk about his experimental letterpress posters. From computers to pantographs, he uses a wide variety of tools for his designs and prints on presses from the 1960s. Since 2009, his studio babyinktwice has been producing posters as well as leaflets, invitation cards and magazines.

To round off the conference, a letterpress workshop and a guided tour of the exhibition Dafi Kühne: Letterpress Posters? will be offered on Sunday, May 14th, 2023.

The Leipziger Typotage are an event organized by the Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Druckkunst Leipzig e.V. (Leipzig Society for the Promotion of the Printing Arts) and take place at the Museum of the Printing Arts, an active museum that brings historical casting, typesetting and printing processes to life in an authentic workshop atmosphere. www.druckkunst-museum.de

Leipziger Typotage 2023

May 13th, 2023

Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Druckkunst Leipzig e. V.
Nonnenstraße 38
04229 Leipzig

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