CXI Conference 2022


Author: Juliane Noest

After a two-year break enforced by Covid, on June 3rd the CXI Conference 2022, Europe’s biggest Brand-Identity and Corporate-Design Conference, finally opened its doors again!

800 guests—designers, agencies, creatives, and design-enthusiastsmainly from all over Germany came together in the Lokschuppen in Bielefeld to listen to five talks related to branding and design processes, to get inspired, and to learn something. Speciality of the CXI: You don’t only hear about a design process from the perspective of the designers and agencies—the client is also represented and shares their point of view during the (re-)making of their brand.

This year, too, there was a colorful mix of presentations, of big and smaller agencies and companies from many different businesses.

The day started with a presentation by Telekom × MetaDesign about the big transition of the Telekom brand. Clearly there are a lot of obstacles when you touch such an established and world famous brand which once had many different branches. Under the Motto “The future is liquid” they opened up the Corporate Identity to new elements and color nuances (besides the well known magenta) in order to modernize the brand.

Next up was Berliner Philharmoniker × Studio Oliver Helfrich, who successfully capture the energy, power, and autonomy of Berliner Philharmoniker in a new dynamic and modern branding. The new appearance is supported by lots of motion design representing the liveliness and movement of music.

In the last talk before the break, three parties reported about their journey of building a (new) brand after they merged two companies: Atruvia × KMS TEAM × VIM GROUP. An important opinion to take away from this talk: “Every brand must be understood and wanted.” With lots of sensibility they created a new brand independent of the two old company names that managed to capture the new synergy without any inherited issues. 

Networking and exchanging ideas with colleagues or fellow students during the break over a good vegan curry is just as good as listening to the lectures in the dark lecture hall, listening to the speakers.

After the break, GRIPS Theater × Formdusche inspired the visitors with a passionate presentation where you could feel the love for the brand and the design. Following the motto “Reduce to the Max,” Formudusche created a brand identity that was composed of existing nostalgic and fresh new elements to attract attention in Berlin, especially of kids—totally in line with GRIPS Theater’s Motto: “Don't grow up-it’s a trap!”

Last presenters were mousesports × EIGA—a peculiarity, as Esports is neither particularly widespread nor well-known in the majority society. They told full of verve about the nerve wracking design process of the new logo and design, and about how hard it is to say goodbye to a well-known and also loved (by some) logo after 20 years. But here, too, the transition succeeded and now the new, loud, and strong brand presence inspires.

It’s not just the presentations themselves at CXI Conference 2022 that are inspiring, it’s also the atmosphere, which is full of excitement and passion for the subject matter that has brought everyone together in Bielefeld. People (especially designers) love these details, they love to hear about the struggle that happens in the design process—in small and big agencies, with small and big clients—that they experience themselves in the work life.

The surrounding of the conference is also lovingly prepared: CXI Conference 2022 bags and beautifully crafted and embossed cardboard boxes manufactured by Letterjazz. Inside you could find an information brochure about the talks and speakers, a notebook—both on appealing MetaPaper—and a pen, so you do not have to forget a single thought or inspiration. This year’s CXI-motto “be clear, be bold” was visible everywhere on shirts, posters, and the bags, bringing across this important message clearly. 

We are already very much looking forward to the CXI Conference next year, which will be on May 26th, 2023!


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