Peridot PE

By Foundry5

Author: Vicky Blake

Peridot PE is a multifaceted sans serif type system designed by Pria Ravichandran and Kostas Bartsokas, it is available at Foundry5.

“We burnt the midnight oil and sweated over minute details to present a high quality ten weight family with slanted italics in six widths and the coveted variable format!”

Peridot PE is loaded with personality; try the different stylistic variants to change the typographic tone depending on your mood. The combination of widths and styles makes this type system an exciting typographic palette for the discerning designer.

Peridot PE currently supports three scripts—Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic—covering over 370 languages. It includes all required localized variants, tabular numerals, and currencies, fractions, clever discretionary ligatures, and many more features. This type system performs in varied environments—from branding, display, corporate use, editorial, advertising, poster, web, screen usage, etc. Think of any other use case as well and Peridot PE will perform.

This type system comprises 120 static fonts, family packages, and variable support. It is the gem you ought to have in your collection.

“Mesmerized by a sparking greenish-yellow mineral called Olivine hidden within black basalt in the lava fields of Lanzarote, we decided to name the gem of our library after this beauty.”

Peridot PE

Latin designed by: Pria Ravichandran and Kostas Bartsokas
Cyrillic and Greek designed by: Kostas Bartsokas
Script support: Cyrillic, Greek, Latin
379 languages
Styles: 120 Styles (six widths, ten weights + italics)
Release: 2022

Available formats: otf, ttf, and woff2


Bildschirmfoto-2022-04-07-um-10.37.28 Bildschirmfoto-2022-04-07-um-10.37.45 Bildschirmfoto-2022-04-07-um-10.38.39 Bildschirmfoto-2022-04-07-um-10.37.57