Cyanidin Screen Printing

Screen Printing With PH Indicator

Author: JoSi

Printing at home is popular—Cyanidin shows you how it works. Watch the tutorial and find out how to make your own screen printing vegetable colorant with ph indicator:

1. The Color
– cook red cabbage for 30 min. in water
– evaporate 80% of the colored water
– thick it with cornstarch
– let cool down
– stir creamy

2. The Prints
– screen print with it
– let dry prints

3. Color the Prints
– Take two spray bottles
– fill them with water
– add caustig soda to the first bottle
– add citric acid to the second bottle
– spray on pictures, (red is acid, green is soda)
– to get brown or yellow, use heat

It is vegetable colorant, so the pictures will not last forever, but you can exhibit them a few months. Its ephemeral art. Soda and acid you can get as powder in a grocery store.

Silkscreen printing is a technique that involves using a mesh screen to transfer ink onto a surface. While traditional silkscreen printing involves using specialized inks, it is possible to make your own natural vegetable-based inks at home to use with this technique.

Watch the full video tutorial here!

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