Thoughts are Liquid. 

A poster exhibition in 216 posters 

Author: Tessa Breuer

Thoughts are Liquid. is a one-year artistic experiment with 1,000 questions answered by six designers in 216 posters. The decisive factor was the desire to counteract distance and passivity in a time marked by change and uncertainty. A domino game of ideas, exchange, and change of perspective was triggered: as the main role the medium poster between art, design, and new ways of working. The results of this process are shown in the form of a poster exhibition.

Thoughts are Liquid. was born from the idea to walk together and question the artistic process of design. Can we find an interface between art and design and can we open up a space between free design and art? What is the goal of a poster without a commission? How much freedom does the creative process need? Is design democratic or does design democratize communication? Can we construct ways of working that together we can wear each other out and at the same time develop further? Can we open up to each other and thus move the process forward? Possible answers and further questions can be found in the posters of this experiment. Through a variable rotation system in which each poster was worked on by each designer, a total of 216 posters (6 × 6 × 6 = 216 posters) were created within six rounds (one round consisting of six poster series, with six posters per series). Thoughts are Liquid. is a poster exhibition by six friends and designers Sara Cristina Moser, Mado Klümper, Sarah Baumann, In Chae, Sunnyi Löhmann, and Antonia Terhedebrügge. Virtual meetings around poster design were established, creating a platform for regular discourse and dialog. The goal of the exhibition is to share the creative democratic process and the resulting insights and interfaces, and to continue the conversation together.

Thoughts are Liquid.


March 24th until March 26th, 2023

Mehringdamm 64
10961 Berlin

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