The End of TYPO Berlin …(?)

Author: Slanted editors

For more than 20 years the 3-day design conference TYPO Berlin was a must for all European designers in May…as well as for us, who have been on pilgrimage there for more than a decade, to give you live reports. These countless contributions, which you can find on our blog, give you insights of this exciting conference, that resulted of the FUSE in 95. Until 2014 it was organized by FontShop and since then by Monotype.

Now it became known that there will be no TYPO in 2019, as the organizer Monotype will not be financially involved in the conference. Whether the TYPO can possibly be carried on by another organizer, is unclear.

We think it is a pity that such a prestigious, long-standing conference is now coming to an end, but who knows, maybe even in the gap something new will be created …

Still, here are some impressions from 2007-2018. You can see from the resolution of the pictures for how long we have been visiting the TYPO 😉