Hotel Josef

Slanted in Prag

Author: Julia Kahl

Exactly 50 years ago, the people of Prague took to the streets to fight for the reform efforts of the Communist Party to establish a democratic, socially just and modern state. Today, 50 years later, Prague is a city with a lot of history and sights, such as Prague Castle and Charles Bridge, which are almost swallowed up by tourist streams, but also an energetic metropolis that ticks at the pulse of time and has a lot to offer culturally.

Last week we were in Prague for the spring/summer issue of Slanted magazine to take a look at the design scene there and get to know the soul of the city. During our stay we were allowed to stay overnight in the design hotel Josef, which is located in a picturesque side street next to the old town and was designed by the renowned architect Eva Jiřičná.

Skilful light staging and sensitive use of materials characterise the consistent and straightforward style of the whole house. A highlight from the pen Jiřičnás are the bathrooms, which either consistently open out of glass towards the bedroom or are clad in stone. Altogether there are eight room categories, which differ mainly in size and view.

No wonder that Hotel Josef is the only hotel in Prague to be a member of the curated Design community Hotels™, which includes 270 hotels in 50 countries and which has a particular passion for visionary design and sincere hospitality.

But it's not just the architecture and fantastic location that make Hotel Josef a special place to stay and feel at home: A welcome gift from the hotel's own patisserie, bathroom products from the world capital of perfume, a free minibar filled with Czech specialities and freshly roasted coffee and a breakfast buffet that leaves nothing to be desired.

Explore Prague on a design icon? No problem! The Čezeta - translated "the pig" - is a real scooter original, which with its aerodynamic silhouette provides a lot of driving fun. In the Hotel Josef you can borrow the exclusively designed electric special edition free of charge.

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