DDCAST—Was ist gut?

DDCAST—Was ist gut?

A Podcast of the Deutscher Designer Club

Author: Lara Zettl

Once, Jason Silva, a well known techno futurist from the USA, said “What we design designs us back.” Design has a great influence on our existence and living together, which is exactly the message of the DDCAST—Was ist gut? (“What is Good”) The call for fundamental changes in our planetary reality is getting louder and louder, as the sea level rises and a global crisis shows also the vulnerability of the Western world. It is not possible to continue as before and will inevitably plunge us into the next crisis. So right now, the DDC thinks, our creativity is more in demand than ever. In the Podcast they ask questions like “What is possible?,” “What is coming and what can we do better,” as well as “How can we rethink design?”. For this purpose, the DDCAST—Was ist gut? of the Deutscher Designer Club presents a strong voice every week. It comes from all areas of design, its related disciplines, from science, business, and politics.

The DDC invites highly inspiring people, who really ask themselves how they could have a good impact on our world. Like Prof. Friedrich von Borries, who is an architect and professor of design theory at the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg. He operates in the border areas of urban development, architecture, design, and arts. His work focuses on the relationship between design and social development. As Rainer Gehrisch, board and moderator of the podcast, asks for the professor’s opinion about good design, he gets the answer that—in a politic view—good design maps a field of tension of creating and submitting oneself.

Frauke Fischer is a biologist, who thinks poorly of only talking without acting, and subsequently founded PERÚ PURO GmbH, a start-up that wants to open the European market to Peruvian cacao farmers under fair paid conditions. She thinks that we should overcome planetary boundaries to make the world a better place. She answers the question of “what is good” very simple, that our actions should “make it better, not worse.”

The variety of the DDCAST’s subject areas is vast, as you can listen from upfront information technician David Gilbert, over social design consultant Madita Morgenstern Antao, to Atelier Brückner’s manager Shirin Brückner. But most importantly, the podcast inspires to ask oneself the question of how to design and to create in a world, that requests for change.

DDCAST—Was ist gut?

Editors: Prof. Georg-Christof Bertsch, Rainer Gehrisch, Nicolas Markwald
Animation: MOVINGK & Adrian Berger
Sound: db-tonstudio (Dirk Buro)
Language: German

Speaker: Gilles Kalolyi
IT: Lasse Nielsen
Social Media: Svaerm GmbH (Johanna Fertig und Steffen Mai)
Support: Hessisches Ministerium für Wirtschaft, Energie, Verkehr und Wohnen

Listen to the episodes below:
11—Shirin Brückner / Ausstellungen mit allen Sinnen erlebbar machen

10—Dr. Frauke Fischer / Design und Biodiversität gehören zusammen
09—Raphael Gielgen / Wir müssen in das Kollektiv zurückfinden
08—Daniel Cohn-Bendit / Wir haben ein falsches Effizienzdenken
07—Anette Lenz / à propos
06—Prof. Annette Bertsch / Eine gemeinsame Sprache finden
05—Benedikt Wanner / Von der Wiege zur Wiege
04—Madita Morgenstern Antao / Soziales Design in der Praxis
03—David Gilbert / Digital Design braucht Struktur und Gespür
02—Uli Mayer-Johanssen / Zusammen neue Perspektiven öffnen
01—Friedrich von Borries / Was ist gutes Design?


DDCAST—Was ist gut?

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