DESIGN{H}ERS—A celebration of women in design today


Author: Julia Kahl

When we published Slanted Magazine #12—Beat That If You Can, we wanted to provide a platform for the great work of  women in the design field. Although there is still a long way to go until we reach true equality in the creative industry and beyond, the last few years have been encouraging for ladies all around the world. In celebrating the here and now, viction:ary is proud to present DESIGN(H)ERS— a stunning visual time capsule that captures the diversity and distinct aesthetics with which women make a special and lasting impression in their respective design fields today.

Featuring a foreword by Roanne Adams of RoAndCo Studio and cover stories on Jessica Walsh from Sagmeister & Walsh, Verònica Fuerte of HEY, Yah-Leng Yu of Foreign Design Policy Group, and renowned illustrator Hattie Stewart, the book inspires with intriguing glimpses into the portfolios and minds of 31 luminaries at the top of their game, as we aspire to a future where success is no longer defined by gender.

Interviews and work by Anna Kuts & Sevilya Nariman-qizi @ Razöm, Asuka Watanabe, AWATSUJI design, Beci Orpin, Birgit Palma, Camille Walala, Carolina Cantante & Catarina Carreiras @ Studio AH—HA, Charry Jeon @ CFC, Elaine Ramos @ UBU, Eva Dijkstra @ Design by Toko, Hattie Stewart, Jess Bonham, Jessica Hische, Jessica Walsh @ Sagmeister & Walsh, Leslie David, Leta Sobierajski, Lotta Nieminen, Louise Mertens, Lu Ihwa @ O.OO, Maricor/Maricar, Morag Myerscough, Olimpia Zagnoli, Roanne Adams @ RoAndCo, Shyama Golden, Susanna Nygren Barrett @ The Studio, Sylwana Zybura @ CROSSLUCID, Tina Touli, Vanessa Eckstein @ Blok Design, Verònica Fuerte @ Hey, Yu Qiongjie @ Transwhite Studio, Yu Yah-Leng @ Foreign Policy Design Group

Publisher: viction:ary
Curation, Design, Editing: Sauman Wong, YuetLin Lim, Katherine Wong, Leanne Lee
Concept and art direction: Victor Cheung
Release: March 2019
Volume: 272 pages
Format: 18.5 cm × 25 cm
Language: English ISBN: 978-988-79033-2-1
Price: EUR 33.79 / USD 39.95

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