No Plastic Water

An awareness campaign

Author: Conquistadors

Everyone is talking about the plastification of the ocean, but no matter how many images, awareness campaigns are out there, people keeps buying products in plastic recipients, water in plastic bottles, food, etc.

No Plastic Water is a new water that starts the fight against plastic in the point of sale. A powerful message within the name of the product, that transforms the package into a sign of protest.

“When you see the cans amongst hundreds of branded plastic bottles at the supermarket, you realize that No Plastic Water is not only a product, but a clear call to action. The product itself is a medium of advertising,” says Mauricio Alarcon, ECD of Brooklyn-based agency Conquistadors. The message “No Plastic Water” is also engraved in morse code on the front of the can, as a sign of urgent help.

No Plastic Water, is a new mineral water created for ocean lovers. This 100% recycle can contains 100% pure, mineral water. Launched in Spain and France this month.

Aluminium recycles forever without losing properties. In fact, 74% of all aluminium produced in the world is still in use, versus 95% of all plastic. Plastic bottles can be recycled two or three times, no more. 80% of marine garbage is plastic. If this doesn't stop, there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050.

“The ocean can’t wait. We need to dramatically reduce our plastic consumption,” says Santi Mier, CEO and Founder of Barcelona-based startup Ocean52, a company that has created a range of drinks with minerals from the deep ocean. The 52% of their profits are invested into ocean protection. The company encourages people to drink tap water, and offers the product only as an alternative in the case they can’t drink from the tap.

No Plastic Water

Client: Ocean52
Agency: Conquistadors, New York
Creative Director: Mauricio Alarcon
Designers: Simone Fabricius, Gabi Guiard, Frank Guzzone