Die Schönsten Deutschen Bücher 2022

Die Schönsten Deutschen Bücher 2022

The Catalog

Author: Tessa Breuer

The award ceremony of Stiftung Buchkunst at Museum of Applied Arts in Frankfurt was also used to present the annual catalog of Die Schönsten Deutschen Bücher 2022 for the first time, which was designed and realized by the team of Pixelgarten from Frankfurt/Main.

The annual catalog Die Schönsten Deutschen Bücher 2022 of Stiftung Buchkunst (German foundation for book design) presents the 25 award-winning books of the year—five in five categories—as well as the three sponsorship prize projects in detailed form. Richly illustrated, it shows the range of the current competition and thus the diversity of the award-winning books and their editorial design. In addition to bibliographical details on publishing, graphic design, and book production, the catalog also contains the 2022 shortlist for both competitions. The current publication also contains background information on the jury, the annual procedures, the committees and the remunerative prizes, supplemented by a jury report.

Particularly helpful for lovers of high-quality book design is the extensive index of all trades—designers, typefaces, materials, production companies.

Which agency developed the graphic concept? Who printed what? In which edition? Which papers were used? What grammage was used? From which supplier?

Equipped with a Swiss brochure with a yellow linen fold and a cover with a fold-in flap, jury sheets with comments by the 2nd jury, held by a yellow rubber band, are enclosed with the book.

A must for all those interested in book design, a pleasure for all those who love beautiful books.

Die Schönsten Deutschen Bücher 2022

Publisher: Katharina Hesse, Stiftung Buchkunst
Concept, Design: Pixelgarten, Frankfurt am Main; Catrin Altenbrandt, Adrian Nießler, Lea Johanna Becker
Photography, Reproduction, Lithography: Pixelgarten; Catrin Altenbrandt, Adrian Nießler
Editorial Team: Katharina Hesse, Carolin Blöink, Natalia Klaus, Pauline Werner    Stiftung Buchkunst
Texts Jury Statements: Elmar Lixenfeld
Translation: Iain Reynolds, Translation & Copy Editing
Fonts: Synt designed by Kaj Lehmann (published by Dinamo), Sporting Grotesque (VTF—Velvetyne Type Foundry)
Printer: Offsetdruckerei Karl Grammlich GmbH
Bookbinding: Josef Spinner Großbuchbinderei GmbH
Paper: Paper supplied by IGEPA group:
Salzer Eos, naturweiß, holzfrei, 70 g/m², 1.3 Vol.
Salzer Touch, white, holzfrei, 120 g/m², 1.2 Vol.
PERGRAPHICA(R), stormy grey, 120 g/m²
PERGRAPHICA(R), stormy grey, 250 g/m²

ISBN: 978-3-9822108-1-0
Price: € 20.–

Die Schönsten Deutschen Bücher 2022

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